Please see the best ways below to find answers to your questions.  If you are experience post-surgery complications, please contact your surgeon’s office directly.  If you have an emergency, immediately call 911.

Surgical Information
If you have questions about an upcoming surgery please call your surgeon’s office or the surgical facility.
Anmed Health North Campus – 864.512.1000
Anmed Health Medical Campus – 864.512.1000
Medicus Surgery Center – 864.716.7900
Upstate Endoscopy – 864.716.6555
Anmed Health Website

Anesthesiology Services of Anderson is a private physician practice. Our fees cover the professional services of our Anesthesiologists.  The hospital or surgical facility will charge you separately for the services of the nurse anesthetists, anesthetic medicines, supplies and equipment.  For billing questions related to Anesthesiology Services of Anderson, please call ABC Billing at 1-800-222-1442.

Non-Billing Anesthesia Concerns
If you have concerns or questions regarding your anesthesia care, that do not involve billing, please fill out the form below. For emergencies, call 911.